Our Story


NSN: 4710-01-598-5374 PN: QT-60-300

July 2011: Move to MO - 417.825.7235

2010: Moved again. Our new number is 253-655-5295

2009: Working on a NSN. Product updates coming soon. Caps are added to the Quick-Tube-60 to fulfill the NSN requirement.

Winter '08: Updates on products and prices are finally done. New email
Nadine "at" theoilsamplesource.com

Fall '08: We moved our new number is 360-967-2033
Our e-mail is still the same.

Summer '08: The suggestion is making its way up to HQ DA. Progress is being made.
A request was made by a national guard unit for a CH-47 Chinook kit. The new product was produced and shipped.

Fall'07: Submission to the Army Suggestion Program at Ft. Lewis. The local level has recommended approval of the oil sample kit wit minor modifications. The results show as well "...cost is based on one UH-60 with a 300 flying hour program/year, requiring 8 programmed oil samples per year. There are no conversion cost and first year net dollar benefits is estimated at $305.20 per UH-60....."

March '06: We are sending out free samples! Want one? Let us know.

March '06: I'm finally legal to do business with the US government! What a pain in the tail that has been. Know what a DUNS number is??? how about a TPIN??? I have them now and still don't know what the hell they are. Being legal is the good news... the bad news is that I as a manufacturer can not request an NSN. Only the customer can request an NSN for a product. I suppose that is a good thing for the folks that work in the NSN factory, but it makes it hard for the little guys like me to get my product out to the troops in the field. Such is life I suppose. I guess we'll continue having to deal with local purchases.

February '06: Shipped the first order out to a Med-Evac company in Iraq this month. Hope the orders keep coming in. They are happy with the products they received. I know you will appreciate the ones you order.

January '06: January has been a busy month! Business account was opened, then closed. Re-opened at a better bank. The credit card processor should be online by the end of the month. I have found a supplier for the glass bottles I'll be using in our Special Sample Kits. The supplier also said they have available, LDPE plastic bottles that meet our specifications. They will be installed in the routine kits. I'm still looking for the Polystyrene bottles that are see-through. Expect to have kits available for shipment by the end of the month.

December '05: Wow, freedom is a wonderful thing... I'm so busy I can hardly keep things straight. Time to focus on the business.

November '05: Time to head home. A second year in the desert was entirely too long. At any rate, the milvans were packed up and shipped home. :)

Later in September '05: I made a trip to the oil lab a few days ago. I didn't get the news I was hoping for. It is looking like I'm going to have to continue to use the glass bottles that are currently in use...if I can get them. If I'm unable to get the bottles, then the kits will have to be sold without the bottles. We're still trying to crack that nut.

Mid. September '05: Good news... finally got this website published. Things are coming along. There were several sleep deprived nights when this site was being put together. I don't recommend a project like this for the faint hearted. If you have ideas for site improvement, please pass them along. New E-mail available too! james.o.morris@theoilsamplesource.com

September '05: We are a new company, still under construction. Application for a Limited Liability Corp. (LLC) and Federal Tax ID Number was filed recently. Next is getting a bank account opened and setting up a program to accept credit card information for purchases. Application for a National Stock Number is on or list of important things to get done SOON too.

Summer '05: Quick Tube-60s were designed, built, modified and then a patent application was filed by our attorney. The other components for the kits were purchased via internet and personal credit card. The last piece of this small puzzle is choosing the right bottle for these kits. We have several to chose from, but the ones that best suit our needs, broke when dropped tested off the tail pylon.... so back to the drawing board.

It won't be long before the business side of TOSS comes to life.

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